There are 3 types of authoring tools and they are as follows:

1. Card and page based tools.
2. Icon based- event driven tools.
3. Time based tools.

1. Card and page based tools:
This tool provides a simple and easily understandable metaphor for organizing multimedia elements. It contains media objects such as buttons, text files and graphic objects. It provides facilities for linking objects to pages (or) cards. The software required is Hyper card and Linked card tool box.


  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to link metaphor1=screen1=card1= page1
  • It consumes very less time for developing an application.

  • Few applications run only on one platform.
  • Card and page tools are not powerful as unique stand alone.

2. Icon based- event driven tools:
Icons (or) object based tools are the simplest event driven authoring object. Its provision of simple branching has the ability to go to another section of multimedia production. Multimedia elements and interaction are organized in the flowchart. A flow chart can be build by dragging appropriate icons from a library and then dropping them in the required field finally adding multimedia elements to it. The software required is Icon Author and Author ware.


  • It has a clear structure [appropriately designed
    flow charts].
  • Easy to edit and update the elements.
  • Learning process is very difficult.
  • Very expensive in nature.

3. Time based tools:

Time based tools are best suited for a message with a beginning and an end so that a message can be passed within a stipulated time period. Few time based tools facilitate navigation and interactive control. It has the branching technique so that different loops can be formed for different multimedia applications and time period can be set for these individual applications. The software required is Adobe’s Directors.


  • These tools are good for creating animation, Branching, user control interactivity.

  • Steep learning curve for advance features.
  • Music and sound files embedded in Flash
    movies increases the file size and increases the download time.
  • Very expensive.

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